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The Top 5 Things That Can Void Your Roofing Warranty

Inadequate ventilation. This can result in damaged roofs, which will void your roofing warranty. Skylights and other fixtures. Installing them yourself can also void your warranty. Make sure you have a professional installation done by a roofing contractor. These are the top 5 things that can void your roofing warranty in New Jersey. Follow these simple tips to protect your new roof.

Antenna installation

Whether you’re trying to get a better signal or a clearer view of your neighbor’s rooftop, installing an antenna on your roof can void your roofing warranty. This installation requires drilling holes in your roof, which makes it easy for water to penetrate and cause leaks. Also, placing items on your roofs like satellite dishes and solar panels can cause leaks and damage to your roof. If you’re unsure, call a roofing professional before trying these things.

Another common mistake homeowners make is installing antennas on their roofs. While it may seem like a cost-cutting measure, many cellular companies do this to keep their networks up to date. Antenna installation is a prime example of a way to void your warranty. Antennas are often installed improperly and overlap the elements of a roofing system.

Inadequate ventilation

One common mistake that homeowners make is not properly ventilating the attic. Proper ventilation is necessary to prevent superheating, which bakes shingles and causes them to lose their warranty. The lack of adequate ventilation can also cause ice dams to form in the winter, leading to water damage. Even if your warranty remains intact, this will likely void your claim, so it’s best to get it checked right away.

A proper roof ventilation system pulls outside air through intake vents on the lower part of the roof. Proper ventilation disperses this air evenly over the rest of the roof. Hot air is trapped in the attic without proper ventilation and can damage the shingles and wooden support structures. As a result, the shingles and overall roof may not last long. If you notice that your roof is not properly ventilated, contact a licensed roofing contractor right away to get your roof fixed.


Installing skylights or solar panels on your roof is not a good idea. These fixtures require extensive penetration through your roof and can void your roofing warranty in New Jersey. You should coordinate with a residential roofing contractor before installing your new fixture. Once the fixtures are in place, the shingles can be repaired alongside the warranty. Listed below are several reasons why installing skylights or solar panels can void your roofing warranty in New Jersey.

If you have had your roof replaced, you may have a warranty for the materials and labor of the work. You should know that adding skylights to your roof may void that warranty. While some skylights are translucent, they are typically wired for fire resistance. These skylights can cause roof leaks because they don’t have proper flashing around them. If you are unsure whether a skylight is covered by your roofing warranty in New Jersey, check with your contractor.


TCPA coverage is limited to separate items of equipment that are attached to real property, such as appliances, mechanical equipment, or electrical equipment. This excludes plumbing and wiring, which are integral components of a structure. There is considerable variation in how different products are classified as fixtures. Still, the statutory definition aims to cover them regardless of state law. Therefore, when purchasing a roofing warranty, it’s essential to check the fine print.

Heat in the attic

While your roof may look in good shape, you should check it for signs of a leaky attic. The most common signs of poor ventilation in the attic include excessive heat, condensation on the sheathing, and mold. Here are some ways to determine if your attic is over-ventilated and whether it will void your roofing warranty in New Jersey.

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