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Home Exterior Services in New Jersey

Every home tells a story. From the curves of its architecture to the color of its paint, it showcases a personality, a history, a living testament to the lives inside. M&M Roofing Corp understands this fundamental narrative. We know that a home’s exterior isn’t just about eye-catching designs; it’s about resilience, protection, and endurance.

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Roofing: The Crown of Your Home

Our foundation in roofing services has allowed us to understand the nuances of New Jersey’s climatic challenges. A roof doesn’t just protect; it breathes life into a home, it shields cherished memories, and it bears the brunt of every storm, ensuring everything beneath remains untouched. With changing seasons, roofs face wear and tear. From summer’s blazing sun to winter’s snowy embrace, a roof’s durability is tested. Our expertise ensures it stands tall through these challenges, season after season.


Home Exterior services


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exterior home services

It’s in the details. Each section of your home’s exterior, from sidings that fend off weather extremities to the fascia and soffits that add structural integrity, plays a significant role. They come together to provide a protective cocoon for your home. At M&M Roofing Corp, our expansive services cater to these essentials, focusing not just on the aesthetic appeal but also on longevity, efficiency, and safety.

Home exterior design is an art. It’s about capturing the homeowner’s vision, blending it with functionality, and ensuring it stands the test of time. Whether it’s the windows that let in the first light of dawn, the sunroofs that allow a gaze into the starry skies, or decks that host countless memories, M&M Roofing Corp crafts these with a blend of innovation, quality materials, and unparalleled craftsmanship. Every design is a dream realized.

New Jersey homes, with their exposure to the elements, often bear the brunt of nature’s mood swings. Dust, grime, and the occasional graffiti can diminish a home’s glow. Our cleaning services, tailored for the Garden State, are not just about restoring this glow, but about enhancing it. Using the latest technology paired with eco-friendly solutions, we ensure your home shines brighter, looks newer, and feels fresher.


Every Home Has a Story

A home evolves, much like its inhabitants. From a young couple’s first nest to a bustling family home, its needs change. Sometimes it’s about adding more space, and sometimes it’s about modernizing old designs. Whatever the chapter, M&M Roofing Corp is there to script it perfectly. With our wide array of services, we ensure that as your story unfolds, your home evolves seamlessly with it.

Exterior Home Services Reviews

Anthony diBattista
Anthony diBattista
Wonderful and thorough job, reasonably priced!
Joe Conklin
Joe Conklin
Used MM for gutter cleaning. Fast and reliable. Easy for appointment. Good value. Highly recommend!!
Arun Gopalan
Arun Gopalan
I got my windows fixed by them. Reasonable price and excellent service.
Cafeteria @spfk12.org
Cafeteria @spfk12.org
Very friendly with great customer service.
Carol Hofer
Carol Hofer
Getting a new roof is a big decision so I gathered quotes from several roofers. M&M Roofing was recommended to me by a trusted friend. Their quote was within range of others but much more detailed. Marvin spent time with me after examining the roof to explain exactly what needed to be done (and why). I'm grateful that he took before-, during-, and after-photos as there is no way I was going up on the roof to see! His crew was courteous, professional, skilled and they cleaned up the mess that a roof job makes. Marvin and Fiorella are a great team and are always approachable, friendly, professional, and very prompt in responding to my questions and concerns. M&M Roofing also installed new gutters and leaders. I intend to use M&M for gutter cleaning as well! Please put me on your schedule, Marvin!! !Gracias!
Brian Christman
Brian Christman
Marvin and team were great. Very responsive. Thoroughly explained and documented the issues we had with photographs (before and after). They were transparent about pricing and the pros and cons of different materials. Would highly recommend.
Kathleen Cannon
Kathleen Cannon
I highly recommend using M&M! Marvin is knowledgeable, communicative, competitively priced and very detail oriented. We are extremely pleased with the work he and his staff completed for us!
Robert Laukaitis
Robert Laukaitis
Excellent experience. had a repair done on my roof because of some ceiling leakage. The crew was on time done in an efficient manner very neat and very good price. Highly recommended ?
Jason Cirrito
Jason Cirrito
M&M is amazing. Have used them to clean my gutters and for a roof repair . Not only did they leave the gutters better than new, they flagged an issue I had at my chimney which was leaking water. They completed the repair work quickly and 100% to my satisfaction. Their gutter cleaning set is is best of the best ! I highly recommend their services. They are professional , punctual and great value.
M&M did a great job cleaning our gutters. Fiorella and Marvin were very responsive and professional. Marvin arrived on time and showed us before and after photos of the cleaning. Fiorella answered all our questions and got back to us when promised. Would definitely recommend and will use M&M Roofing again.

Maintenance Services

The world of home exterior services can be daunting. Choices are endless, and decisions are critical. But with M&M Roofing Corp by your side, this journey becomes a collaborative endeavor. Our legacy in New Jersey isn’t just built on top-tier services but on relationships, trust, and a commitment to excellence. Every project is a promise, every service a testament to our dedication, and every finished task, a shared success.

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