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We take care of reviewing and properly maintaining your flat roofs throughout the New Jersey area, remember that we offer preventive maintenance in order to avoid roof damage.

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When repairing a flat roof, you need to consider why the damage has occurred. The most common reasons are ice, water, and debris buildup. Repairing your flat roofs will ensure that they stay waterproofed for years.

Maintenance is an effective method of keeping leaks at bay if regular maintenance procedures are implemented on time each year before any problems occurring.

Your house may be subjected to frequent rainfalls, excessive winds or even hail if you reside in New Jersey, which could spell disaster if precautions are not taken by regular inspections of the roofing system throughout the area.

Once an annual inspection is completed, it’s advisable to have an authorized professional make necessary repairs immediately since waiting until serious damage appears can lead to significant expenditures and potential loss of valuable items such as furniture and even belongings such as clothing.

If you need flat roof repair in New Jersey or you are looking for a provider of this kind of service, we recommend that you contact us today to receive the best service possible for your money’s worth!

Flat roofs can be dangerous if not repaired immediately by experienced professionals, and hiring an unlicensed worker can cause even more damage to your roofing system. It’s best to get the job taken care of by a trained professional.

Hurricane Sandy, also known as Frankenstorm, brought severe flooding and high winds throughout New Jersey in 2012, causing tremendous damage not only to homes but also commercial buildings such as apartment complexes and office buildings requiring extensive maintenance.

Sandy left many flat roofs damaged beyond repair in the area, which needed to be replaced with new roofing systems due to its extensive damage. It was in this case that our roofers were in high demand.

Flat roofs in New Jersey are unfortunately very common, especially when homes or commercial buildings are being built. Flat roofs don’t feature a steep slope like standard roofing systems, and instead use special waterproofing methods to keep them from leaking during rainfalls and heavy snow.

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Note: we do not offer service for commercial roof, commercial flat roofing, commercial buildings, we are not commercial roofing contractors, but we will offer an emergency flat roof repair if needed.

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Are flat roofs good or bad?

The answer to this question will depend on many factors, but the most important one is the kind of architectural design that you have. Flat roofs are beautiful, and they can be built in accordance with your architect designs, this is why it is significant to ask us which flat roof system would fit best for your building.

For many years, the M & M Roofing Corp has been pushing forward standards for flat roof construction. Asphalt shingles lay flush against a smooth surface without overlapping so moisture cannot accumulate between them.

When properly installed, flat roofs provide an excellent defense against leaks, which means that if you ever do need to replace your asphalt shingles, you won’t have to worry about water damage.

If your flat roof is newly built, and you want to prevent leaks, then yes it is a good option, but if your flat roof has been there for decades and the membrane has deteriorated. It will take more than just a simple maintenance job to repair it.

The best time to start fixing your flat roofs in New Jersey is as soon as possible because the longer you wait, the easier it becomes to develop other issues such as mold or water damage.


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