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When it comes to residential roof installation in the roofing industry, our company has you covered with new roofs or re-roofing services that will make your home more beautiful and functional for years to come.

We also offer complete tear offs of old shingle installations, which save on cost while getting rid of all those pesky nails! No job is too big nor small if M & M Roofing Corporation can help get yours done right by providing quality materials like:



Slate is the undisputed leader in durability and longevity. With proper installation and maintenance by a reliable roofer such as M & M Roofing Corp, slate roofing has been durable for over 100 years. This excellent choice can withstand all weather conditions, including hail, rain, and snow. Slate comes in many colors and thicknesses. It will eventually become a beautiful, silvery grey that gives your home a timeless look.


Asphalt shingles are versatile and affordable, making them a popular choice for homeowners. Asphalt shingles are lighter, which makes them easier to install. You can save a lot on installation costs by not requiring a support structure. Asphalt shingles are unmatched in terms of design possibilities. There are many options for colors, textures, and thicknesses. Some shingle types can even mimic the appearance and feel of natural slate and wood shakes. This allows you to match your roof with the unique appearance of your home.

M & M Roofing Corp offers professional roof installation. 

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Roofing Services

  • Residential Roof Repairs
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Flat Roof Maintenance
  • Chimney Work
  • Slate Roofs


To ensure the best performance of even the most expensive materials, a professional is required on your roof inspection. M & M Roofing Corp is a specialist in the fast and efficient installation of these materials. As a result, you can expect exceptional craftsmanship and compliance with safety and quality standards when you choose us to replace your roof. To schedule an in-home consultation, call 908 977 7770 today or complete this form.


Every material on the market has its pros and cons, which is why our team of experts will know exactly what to recommend for your home. We offer competitive prices while always being upfront about costs, so you can be sure that your roofing installation doesn’t get any unpleasant surprises.


We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, so you know that you are always in good hands when choosing M & M Roofing for roof repair. Over the years, our company has built up a reputation for delivering quality services at affordable prices, and we stand by this commitment.

Roof Replacement

The roof replacements are one of the most expensive home improvement projects. But roof repair does not have to be!

The residential roofing company you decide can make all the difference when it comes to your entire roof repairs.

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M & M Roofing Corp is proud to serve homeowners throughout New Jersey. We have experienced roofers, are prepared to go necessary for residential roofing services

Roof Repair

New Jersey residents who are looking to correct the damage that has occurred to their roofing system can do so with help from Able Roofing Contractors of New Jersey (the best roofing companies).

Our professional team provides top-quality roof repair service for homes and businesses throughout the area. We also provide residential roofing in New Jersey for homeowners looking to install a new roof or undertake repairs on their existing one.

The state of New Jersey experiences all four seasons, making its climate one of the most transitional in the nation. Though there is significant rainfall during springtime due to numerous thunderstorms, snowfall is common during winter months and frequently creates dangerous driving conditions. Summer’s high humidity levels can make conditions uncomfortable and even cause minor irritations for residents.

When homeowners are considering roofing contractors to complete their roof repairs, it is important to choose a company with comprehensive knowledge of the industry and proven track record of success. You can also contact our jersey roofing company today by completing our online contact form, we have free estimate for save money, you don’t need to worry we have the highest quality materials for any kind of New Jersey Climate, just call 908 977 7770. We proudly serve customers in New Jersey and surrounding rural areas. 

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Residents of New Jersey that have a roofing project in mind should be aware that obtaining the appropriate permits is necessary to ensure compliance with laws and regulations. A permit provides proof of ownership as well as ensuring all work meets city or county requirements. While permits aren’t needed for minor repairs, projects such as aluminum siding installation, adding solar panels, and roof repairs that involve structural changes will need to be submitted for approval.

When considering hiring a roofing company, it is imperative to ask questions about permits and ensure all work meets code standards. Some of the most common reasons for permit denials include:

Lack of certification and licensing.  Contractors must have the proper credentials as well as licenses for all workers who are involved in the project.

A flat roof is often used to cover commercial buildings and homes throughout the state of New Jersey. It is one of the most popular types of roofs and requires less maintenance than a traditional sloped roof.

Absolutely! A new roof is a considerable investment and if you aren’t able to move out, we can do everything possible to limit the time you need to live elsewhere.

You don’t have to worry about your furniture or belongings getting ruined as they will be safely stored in our secure warehouse throughout the duration of work. We also try to keep noise levels down to a minimum.


Where do we offer our New Jersey roofing services

Service Areas Bergen County, NJ Passaic County, NJ Hudson County, NJ Morris County, NJ Essex County, NJ Hackensack, NJ Paramus, NJ Ridgewood, NJ Mahwah, NJ Wyckoff, NJ and more.

We have extensive experience repairing residential roofs in New Jersey

M&M Roofing is a full-service roofing company serving the state of New Jersey. We’ve installed and repaired roofs, gutters and chimneys on more than 1,000 homes – we know what it takes to get your home looking like new again! When you choose M&M for all three services (roofs & Gutters; Chimney Repair) our team will go above-and-beyond in providing excellent customer service from beginning until end with an honest price guarantee as well.