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Welcome to M&M Roofing Corp. Where we offer Slate Roofs repair and maintenance service in and around the New Jersey area. We recommend that you maintain your slate roof with proper cleaning and inspection at least once a year.

Proper maintenance helps prevent damage to the infrastructure. You should clean your slate roof regularly with a soft brush, water and mild detergent. Be sure to rinse it well, so there are no traces of soap. There are several ways you can do this safely. Many people have an elevated platform or scaffolding that they climb onto when performing the necessary maintenance on their slate roofs.

Others prefer using a telescopic aluminum pole with a wire mesh attached to the end. This enables them to reach high places without having to venture far off the ground. However, if you find this too challenging, take advantage of our years of experience in working on steep sloping roofs at great heights by simply calling us for assistance.

At M&M Roofing Corp, we offer slate roofing service and repair to all slate roofs. We use only the top of the line product to ensure that we complete your slate roofing project with great care and precision, leaving you with a beautiful slate roof for years to come!

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Slate roofs are durable, yet they do occasionally need repair or replacement.

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The slate roof repair that M&M Roofing Corp offers is unparalleled. We can repair any type of slate roofs, and we guarantee that the repairs we do will last for many, many years.

One of the best ways to maintain your roof is by cleaning it regularly with a soft brush and water. This allows debris such as moss and dried leaves to be removed without causing damage or disrupting roof tiles or shingles in Jersey City, Elizabeth, Perth Amboy Jersey City, Westfield, Scotch Plains, Bayonne. If you are looking for Slate Roofs Repair service in New Jersey, then Contact M&M Roofing Corp today!

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We offer a professional inspect your slate roof

We recommend a quality maintenance to the slate roofs to avoid the following problems: Moisture leaks, Smells, Putrefaction, Weakens Infrastructure, People safety & Saving money in considerable amounts

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We offer a true estimate of the needs your slate roof requires. We are brief, and we offer the best guarantee possible, that is why our clients and friends recommend us.

Our slate roof repair process

Our slate roof repair process is as follows:

A. The first step is to inspect your slate roof, so we can estimate the amount of work your services will require. We offer a quality slate roofing service, using only top grade product at wholesale prices.

B. After our inspection is complete, we will provide you with a written estimate for the Slate Roof Repair that you are seeking. Once approved, we begin immediately on your home or business! When this project is completed, not only do you have a newly repaired slate roof, but also peace of mind knowing that M&M Roofing Corp has cared into every last detail.

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Type of issues we find with a slate roof

Common issues we find when a homeowner hires a professional to inspect their slate roof in New Jersey are:

  1. Cracked or missing slate
  2. Broken ridge caps and/or flashing
  3. Missing chimney flashings

Moss, mildew & algae growth on the roof surface. This can often be treated with our low-pressure cleaning system that uses a mixture of baking soda and water.


If you notice large cracks, missing tiles or shingles, water damage stains on your ceiling, then It’s time that you should call M&M Roofing Corp. for Slate Roof Replacement in NJ or simply schedule a Slate Roof Inspection with our experts by giving us a call at (908) 977-7770 today.

A typical asphalt shingle roof lasts between 15 and 20 years. However, a slate roof can last for around 200 years. That is the reason there are many conservation efforts for this type of roofs in New Jersey

Slate roofs are easy to maintain and most of the work is with a broom. If you like to do some roofing repairs yourself, then you’d be surprised at how easy it actually is. At M&M Roofing Corp, we’ll teach you everything about slate roofs if needed.

Slate roofs can give a person a good sense of stability during heavy storms or high winds because they spread the weight evenly across the roof. These roofs have been used since centuries not just for giving a new look to your home but also for their durability & strength

It depends upon how large area is damaged and usually for small area, we can repair it in a day, but for larger areas 2-3 days may be required depending on the condition of the roof.

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