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Chimney repair

The chimneys of our homes are more damaged by water than fire. Your roof and eave protect the masonry work and other materials in your home. The chimney is not. Your chimney is a sturdy structure that stands tall above your roofline, enduring constant exposure to the elements.

Brick chimneys are made from a variety of non-masonry and masonry materials. 

These include mortar, brick, steel, and sometimes cast iron. The environment can cause these materials to deteriorate. For example, masonry materials can quickly become brittle and fragile when exposed to moisture. The chimney’s metal parts can be damaged or even destroyed by water.

Water can cause damage to your chimney or home, interior or exterior.

  • Spalled brickwork, broken brickwork, and cracked brickwork (flaking cracking peeling crumbling of bricks or chipping)
  • Water exposure is capable of causing fireboxes made of metal or masonry to be damaged.
  • The damper assemblies could rust
  • Excessive moisture or water exposure can cause central heating systems to fail.
  • The mortar between bricks, which is the façade of your chimney, can cause cracks and weaken joints between bricks
  • Flue liner can be cracked

M & M Roofing Corp has master masons to ensure the reliability of our service. Like everything else we do, all of our masonry work is guaranteed.

The National Bureau of Standards (NBS), which has conducted extensive testing to ensure safety and compliance in all fire codes, mandates that chimney linings be safe and compliant. 

The flue lining in modern masonry chimneys is made from terra cotta or ceramic and serves multiple purposes:

  1. It is made up of combustible materials and leads them out of the house into the air, protecting the house.
  2. The NBS test of unlined chimneys showed that adjacent woodwork caught on fire in 3 1/2 hours. This is why a suitable liner is so important.
  3. A code-compliant, safe liner protects a masonry chimney’s walls from heat, potential damage, and corrosion from combustion byproducts.

NBS tests showed that unlined chimneys were often filled with highly acidic flue gasses, which eat away at mortar joints and allow heat to transfer faster to nearby combustibles. This means that potentially dangerous gases like carbon monoxide could leak into living areas.

The “Big 3” categories of chimney liners.

Unlined, old, or damaged chimneys can be dangerous. We offer three options for chimney liners to ensure your chimneys are safe and work well. To ensure your chimney meets current safety standards, we recommend you have your chimney examination performed by our chimney professionals.

Clay tiles

Clay tile chimney liners are inexpensive, easy to obtain, and very efficient. However, they are susceptible to cracks and splits, so they must be checked and repaired as necessary. We have all the tools and expertise to help you.

Liner for metal chimneys

Liner repairs and upgrades are done primarily with stainless-steel or aluminum liners. They provide safety, performance, durability, and long-term reliability. Stainless-steel liners can be used for wood-burning fireplaces and oil or gas furnaces. Aluminum can be used as an economical alternative to medium-efficiency gas furnaces. In addition, high heat-resistant insulation can be used with a metal liner to improve safety and performance.

Cast chimney liners.

Cast-in-place cement liner creates a smooth and insulated passageway for flue gasses. This liner is suitable for all types of fuels and appliances. It can even improve the integrity of older chimneys.

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The public must ensure that their chimneys remain safe before moving into their new homes. However, according to the American Society of Home Inspectors, home inspectors are not required to inspect interior flues of chimneys.

The prices depend on often about the status of the chimney, also the time of repair, items, and material of repair, but normally the cost are cost-affordable for everyone in New Jersey

There can be some expenses associated with having your chimney inspected. The public standard is $300-$600. Most mortgage holders pay around $450 for a level-2 inspection and cleaning for two vents.

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