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How Hurricanes Can Affect Your Roof

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While New Jersey is fortunate to be in such a location geographically so that it doesn’t have to deal with the full power of a hurricane, it’s not impossible for storms of this nature to strike and cause destruction upon your home’s roof. It is also common that elements of a hurricane system to strike with a single hit, which could cause significant destruction. When storms like these strike New Jersey, your roof will bear the brunt of the force of hit, which will mean you’ll need the assistance of a reputable roofing firm to repair the damages. This is the point at which All Weather Roofing steps in! These are only one of the ways that tropical storms or hurricanes could cause damage to roofs throughout New Jersey so that you can be ready for what you can expect next time a major storm hits your area.

Widespread Shingle Damage or Loss

The first component of your roof to suffer destruction during a storm is the roofing materials applied to the surface — specifically the shingles. Following a hurricane’s passage the area, you must thoroughly examine your roof for any shingles that have been damaged by curled, warped or moved, or have all gone missing. If these happen to your shingles, they are very likely for water to accumulate underneath the shingle layer in places it’s not supposed to and cause the structure of your roof being damaged and the possible growth of mildew and mold.

Damage From Uplift Forces

When there are severe storms and hurricanes, powerful wind force causes the main damage. In excess winds can generate powerful uplift forces when they traverse the landscape before coming across the obstacle of your home. As these strong winds approach your house, they can create powerful upward force around your eaves. These forces essentially behave as sails. This could easily result in extensive damage to your roof. Our roofers who are experts from All Weather Roofing can inspect your roof for damage that is caused by these powerful upward forces that result from a severe weather event. They will also ensure the roof’s connected to your home’s structure. A lack of attachment could lead to roof damage in a powerful weather event or hurricane.

Severe Hail Damage

The powerful storms known as hurricanes are more than powerful winds. There is also the possibility of severe rain, lightning, and hail. If you experience heavy hail it is important to check the roof to see if there are divots that are dotted across your roof’s structure which could be serious. What appears to be a minor structural issue at the surface may in reality be evidence of more severe damages beneath, so make sure an experienced roofing expert inspects your roof after a significant hailstorm.

Roof Leaks

Damage to your roof can open ways for water to gain an unwelcome entrance to your home’s structure. Following a hurricane or a severe storm, be sure to check your attic area and ceilings for indications or evidence of damage from water. This could manifest as a yellowish stain. If you notice that water is accumulating within your roof structure and leaking into the interior of your house, it’s imperative that you get that issue fixed immediately. This is particularly important if further severe weather is forecast to arrive soon, and exposure to moisture can add to the roofing damage.

Detached Roof Components and Equipment

There are many devices that are typically attached to roofs that could be ripped off if a hurricane, which can cause destruction. This includes antennas and satellite dishes skylights and ventilation points. There is a chance that these things could fall off, tearing areas of your roof and causing damage to other areas of your house as they break loose. Furthermore, nearby trees and structures could cause damage to your roof in the severe storms, causing serious damage.

Get Roof Repair and Replacement Services in New Jersey

Be sure that your home is equipped to stand up to the elements in the worst storms by having an exceptional roofing by M & M Roofing Corp. We offer premium roofing that are built to withstand anything nature can put up with, including extreme storms. If your roof is damaged by storms, wind or hail, or else that could happen during a hurricane, call M & M Roofing Corp in Farming dale now! Request a roof inspection and request a quote for repairs or replacement from a roofing firm you can count on.

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